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Donatoin for a great cause!

This area is where will show a calendar of events to adoptions, foster care and fundraising events.
We also will be posting up where the moblie VIP Pet Care will be located at for you take your pets for vacinations.
Some pet owners needs specail funds and donation to pay for medical expenses for there pets in need of emergency and permenant care.
This is where you will see which animals needs special medical attention funds.
Shelters need alot of volunteer workers, this link will send you to shelters in all areas that are in need of a helping hand.
Help A Pet In Need
This page was design to help make donations to a pet in need of care, foster or permentant home. 
Each photo below is some animal in need of care, with thousnad of more like him or her.
Donations help pay for food, bedding, care and medical expenses. Lots of animals are in need  of homes and special medical  attention.
If you would like to donate then just press the button below and follow the instructions.
We thank you for supporting  "Help A Pet In Need".  (non-profit)
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