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At Dog Gone Licious, we belive in loving, caring and spoling your pet's and we belive that you are probley doing the same as we do!  
With all the pitcures we share with each other on social media to in our shop, we will never turn away from seeing your photos, your smile or your pet's fun poses.
Every pet deserves little loving to being spoiled from time to time.

Dog Gone Licious Boutique and Bakery has created a destination where pet lovers can feel comfortable, ask questions, and spoil their family & friends companions with tons of love with our bakery treats to toys. All our treats are all handmade with organic to naturnal ingredients, made in the USA, made with love from the pastry chef and the great test taster "Neptune" the kitchen mascot. 
Our treats are freshly baked, soft and chrunchy.They are always looking delicious enough to eat in the bakery case to the human and pet's eyes . Plus are tiny soft treats are pupy safe to the pet's with no teeth that love the sweets. 

Dog Gone Licious Boutique & Bakery began in 2013 out of a SUV and doing farmers markets, special events, expo and charity fundraising. We had goal set in motion to open a little store and bake treats for pet's in 2016 right here in Old Sacramento, California in our tiny commerical kitchen. Where we are visited by locals, tourist world wide, but yet the best  customers our great four legged friends from all around the local area and world pet travelers that come to visit us.


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